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I uploaded results for a match using the ps id for our club page - first time uploading results this way. The results show on the club page however they are not showing on the shooters dashboards under recent matches as they used to.  Older matches which were uploaded without the id i reuploaded today with the id and they now show on both the club snd shooters pages, is this the correct way to first upload with no id and than a second time with it or have i missed something else? My registration info was identical to all my previous matches. We dont ask for telephone or member numbers so the is not helping either.

Not sure why but after trying the upload again they seem to be showing under recent matches now as well as the clubs page.

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Please check again and also go to Sounds like they pushed out a fix.

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If you register a walk on shooter by writing over the name of a no show competitor on the shooters tab, the email of the no show will still be associated to the scores.
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