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Seems they only appear if there is a match defined in the relatively near future. May 5 match for RGPSC in Albuqurque not defined, so no teardrop currently appears for us.
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thank you, I thought that might be the reason, also wondering then what the time window is...maybe 2 weeks before scheduled data?
What is the club name on Practiscore for the 5/27/18 match?
ps...let me recheck my match scheduling...maybe I missed something.
Ok, I must have messed up the match registration. I have a 'Tear drop' now!
Q. So I will have to go in each month and edit the dates for the upcoming month?
or is there a way to make it re-occurring 4th Sunday of each month
thank you,
I set up the match one time on the PS website, then clone and edit the match definition and registration form to adjust match name and dates. I open registration after the current match ends and close it about 20:00 the night before the match so I can download the match and registration via PIN to our master iPad. Add walk-up registration and stages at the match, then sync to scoring devices for each stage.
Perfect thank you! work in progress, starting now so match day everything runs smoothly. thanks again.
From another question, the map only shoes matches up to 3 months out, per Ken Nelson.
oh that's plenty, I'll  take your tip on cloning the match for month to month.