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Guys, everything you do is amazing and this is not in any way a complaint. I just wanted to give you a heads up that out of nowhere over the past couple weeks I've been getting more and more complaints of people not getting the approval email when I approve them to pay and squad. It's really weird. I haven't changed anything in our registration process that has worked seamlessly for years. Some people are suddenly getting emails in their junk folder when that's never happened to them before, and some aren't getting it at all. In all cases I confirmed the email with them and it was correct. In about half the cases, if I resend the personal match link then they get it, and about half of those still don't receive it. Maybe it's a coincidence and it's probably only about 10% of competitors overall, but it has happened so many times out of the blue that I thought I should let you know.
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About a month ago we had a lot of e-mails for the 2018 Washington State IDPA Championship get bounced. It stopped once we changed an external "unfriendly" link to our website which we think was causing the rejections. I'm not sure what other information you may have in your approval e-mails, but that seems to be the source of our problem.
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