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I’m trying to get a Steel challenge match setup on my kindle. When i import the match and registration, I don’t have the option to set the match type. Only name, date, match level and subtype. If I create a new match, I have that option. But, since importing new, I can’t set type and can’t choose Steel Challenge classifier stages.

Also, in this version, I can’t move shooters to squads easily like in iOS. From manage shooters, selecting squads in top-right shows a list of squads but only lets you “lock” a squad.   Is there a view of who is on what squad that lets you move people around like in iOS?
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On the registration web site you need to set affiliation to USPSA for your match. Then it will come in as a "Steel Challenge" match. Otherwise it will be an "Action Steel" match.

The only difference in the subtype "scsa" vs. none for the "Action Steel". You can't change type, but you can edit subtype, like set it to "scsa" to use their classifier stages. Note that USPSA want their march fees to be paid for any affiliated matches, e.g. matches that are running standard SC stages.
answered by Practiscore Team member (12.7k points)
Yes, it is set to USPSA affiliation and Steel Challenge for match type.  When I import it into the Kindle version, it doesn’t show the match type and if I set subtype to “scsa” or “scsa affiliated”, it still does not work.  When adding stages, it only shows the USPSA classifiers, not steel challenge.

As a quick workaround you can create SC match on device and set checkbox to import into the current match on when importing with pin#.
The match type is shown on the top of the main app screen, but you can't change type after match is created/imported.
Email us your pin# to [email protected] someone will take a look.
Thanks.  I just sent email.  Any thoughts about squadding on Kindle?  It only lets you lock a squad, not manage who is on the squad.
For squadding in android app. Sort by Squad so you can see number of shooters in each squad mo make it easier to balance squads, but it works with other sorting too. Then tap and hold shooter name and then tap again to select multiple shooters. Then you'll see the Squad menu at the top to select squad to assign shooters to.
You can do the same for divisions, categories and other stuff.