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How come I am not receiving the link of my approval to squad from practiscore
asked by (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

Did you received any email?

During your registration process you should receive, at least, en email confirming your register.
This email can contain a squadding link. But it's optional ( it's controlled  by a configuration option at "Registration Form" page )

Besides this, Match managers should require you to fullfil some requirements prior to allow you to squad: 

Maybe you should check with Match Shooting Range Managers.

answered by (3.6k points)
my wifes approval and link has been received, but mine hasn't arrived, even though we paid together. Dotty has been trying to have the link sent to me, but it has not yet arrived. In my practiscore account the email was also correct
+1 vote
A couple of other things. Check your spam folder often Gmail and places like that have determined that they don't like us so they turn our emails into spam.  Also check with your Mash director if he is approving people one at a time then he may not have approved you to Squad yet and the email may not have been sent.
answered by Practiscore Team member (9k points)
yes I checked the spam/junk folder and it was not there