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I'm unable to register for the March 17 Richmond(USPSA) match in Richmond, Ca.  I'm getting the following error while using the desktop Chrome browser Version 64.0.3282.167 (Official Build) (64-bit):

Invalid API Key provided: •••••••••••



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2 Answers

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Take a look at

At this moment says:

Try to register again 

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I'm still getting the same error(Invalid API key) with two different cards.
This is the same problem as the one I reported....
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Problem is not related with your credit cards.

Looks like the problem is authentication ( API key ) used by Richmond Shooting Range Managers to collect payments with Stripe platform.
That message error you see is thrown by Stripe web servers, not PractiScore

Let Richmond Shooting Range Managers know that they would like to check Payment platfom configuration  ( Payment Settings at Practiscore Club Settings page )

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