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I'm trying to register for a match.

Getting a new, dark themed version of the page (as opposed to the older light colored theme).

I fill out all of the fields and click on Register and get a red bad in the middle of the page saying "Invalid API Key".  System will not let me proceed.

I've tried this on Safari and FF on Mac OS both logged in and logged out.  Same behavior.
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1 Answer

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Looks like a problem with that specific match you’re trying to register at. I’ve tested registering to a dummy match I use for that ( testing options and registering forms ), and works fine.

Maybe that specific match uses online payment and API key used for that is wrong... just my guess

PractiScore tech guys would like to know which match is.
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Multiple people are reporting the same problem.

The sign up page still shows "Only 140 spots left" even though some people have claimed to have signed up.

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