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I am running a shoot n scoot idpa style match.  I want to make it so that my ipads in each bay automatically sync up to the registration ipad at the check in desk.  
I have tried setting up an autosync every in the settings, and it just... doesn't auto sync.  Unless I navigate back to the auto sync area, then it will sync up.  Isn't it supposed to autosync every x minutes, regardless of what menu I am in?
I have also tried designating my check in ipad as the "master" then clicking the "sync to master" button in the scoring area.  I get a "sync request sent to OGC ipad 1" notice, but nothing further and no sync.
I am able to use these functions on my android device, just none of the ipads that are used for scoring.
asked by (130 points)

1 Answer

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If you have the master open and all pads are connected to wifi can you see them and initiate a manual sync???
answered by Practiscore Team member (9.3k points)
Yes, all ipads are on wifi and manual sync works just fine. Additionally, if I navigate back to the autosync setup area, it will autosync as soon as I get in there.  However, when not in the autosync area, it doesn't autosync.

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