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I made an event and required payment at the time of registration. Everyone says they have paid already but about 1/3 of the participants aren’t showing paid in the system and there’s no record of payment in Stripe. Several have tried to pay again and they get an error code saying l  “whoops, looks like something went wrong”. Help!!
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1 Answer

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I would double check the stripe keys. we are just a portal to stripe. If your keys are correct it is probably in the stripe account. You can go to the test mode in stripe and register yourself a few times and see if the card info transfers to stripe.
answered ago by Practiscore Team member (9k points)
I could understand that being the case if none of the payments were going through but when 2/3 of the payments go through without a problem and a third of my people are having no payment go through then something else is going on. I really need help getting resolution on this because it’s making me look really bad.