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wondering what gear I will need for the match Saturday? It’s my first match ever. I have enough magazines and ammo, just not sure on holsters/belt or chest rig? Do I need slings or will I be depositing my firearm on the path?
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1 Answer

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My advice when shooting your first 3-gun match is to use what you have. When I started shooting 3 gun, I was literally carrying shotgun shells in my pocket. Don't go with the intent to win, go with the intent to learn. While you're there, look around at what gear others are using and ask questions, then you can decide what you want to get. Just think of it as a practice match. I can't tell you how many times I've bought gear before shooting a particular discipline, only to realize after the first match that I wanted something different!
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Thank you for your input! I will be showing up with a field shotgun and chest rig. Weird combo
All that matters is that you're showing up! :)
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