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I've exported a match on the device, then selected import and there is nothing on the list. I've copied the match.psc file all over my phone and just can't get it to show up on that list :(
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1 Answer

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Not sure what you referring to as "exported a match on the device". Most apps would save file on Android device to /sdcard/Download or /storage/emulated/0/Download. You can navigate to that folder and sort by "Last Modified".

answered by Practiscore Team member (12.7k points)
under "Import/export" on the android app, I select export match.
I select SD card.
It saves the match to : /storage/1930-D55B/PractiScore/Match/matchname.psc

So now I select import match...and it's a blank screen. You cannot see which folder it's currently displaying, and you cannot navigate to another folder to choose your *.psc file you want to import.

If I have a match.psc file emailed to me, that I have no idea where to put on my phone so that I can import it and view the match.
Could you please email me a screenshot of that blank screen at [email protected] and also clarify what phone/tablet are you using and what  version of Android it has.

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