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My last two matches have not shown up on my dashboard and I've had some shooters e-mail me as I'm our clubs stats guy. I confirmed my IDPA and USPSA numbers were correct.

Hopefully Practiscore will reply as does not find them either.

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It is not track through your IDPA are USPSA numbers. It is only tracked if you register with your practiscore account email
I had pre-registered for both of the matches through practiscore. I just checked my backup of our recent match and the e-mail addresses are correct for me and another person having the same issue.  Why is there the associate feature to associate member numbers to an account if it only does it by e-mail address?
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Did you register online through your account for the match?

If you registered the day of the match and the email was not entered correctly then it will not connect to your practiscore account.
answered by Practiscore Team member (6.5k points)
I registered the week before through practiscore.
I am having the same issue with my last 2 matches. I wish there was a button on the score sheet to request an add on to dash. even if it had to be approved through the match director.
I've had this happen at least 2 other times. It seems to happen when I check for the new score before they have been submitted.