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Regarding the MPSA 070718 USPSA Match;  When I load results into Practiscore Competitor iPhone app, it shows 1/ Kyle Huff with 643.3480 points and 2/ George Miller with 639.5392 points.  When I get the match scores on the website here, the results are 1/ George Miller 641.7031 pts and 2/ Kyle Huff 639.5392 pts.  this is for the Combined results.  For Open class results, the Phone App shows Huff, first, Jeff Blitch second and George Miller 3rd while the web site shows George Miller first, Kyle Huff second and Jeff Blitch third.  This discrepancy between two forms of access to what I assume is a single data base seems odd to me, so I thought it should be reported before it happens in a more significant match.
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1 Answer

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The source data is the same, but calculations could be different. Web site results are uploaded with PractiScore 1.5.1 app, which is a few months old (Jan 16, 2018).

I will investigate why results are different, but please email [email protected] to followup
answered by Practiscore Team member (12.7k points)

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