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We have to "clone" six matches a month and when this is done, the listed times all revert back to a period 4 hours earlier than the New York time zone that we are in.   This requires you to edit each time block manually.   Can this be fixed to carry the original time into the cloned match?

related to an answer for: Time resets when match is cloned
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I will look into what could be the issue. Thanks for letting us know.
Thanks for checking into it!  Very much appreciated.
I think Bryan fixed it. I just cloned a match and it kept the original times. Hooray! :)
YES!! It is fixed.  Nice job, guys.

Just went and cloned an upcoming match and the times dropped right in perfectly.

Well done!
Nice! Thanks Bryan and team!

1 Answer

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Just adding an "answer" since this is now resolved, that way it will fall of the open items list. Thanks!
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