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On the "Matches" tab is There a Way to pin your Home State. If your home state is not listed in the default choices along the left hand pane is there a way (or can this feature be added) that would allow you to pin your state? Perhaps, this would also load the corresponding cities as well.

To further expand: incorporate a profile search preference where the User can search and set their own defaults. This way when you navigate to the "Matches" tab those search parameters are already loaded. Personally, I don't compete out of my own state, but would rather do a custom search when that's appropriate and keep a per-define search default.
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There currently isn't a way to set defaults however I do like the idea. I will add it to our list to see about adding it.

In the meantime if you create your prefect search you can copy the url, or bookmark it. The search settings are saved in the url. For instance this link goes directly to Utah matches 

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