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As an MD, I rely on the generosity of our NROI-certified RO competitors to run shooters during local matches.  I, and many other clubs, think it's important to use certified Range Officers even at club matches, in order to promote rules-compliance and consistency across USPSA.  To this end, I want to ensure that there are a sufficient number of ROs in every squad.  

On the registration form, I ask if a competitor is a USPSA RO and is willing to help RO the match.  Currently, that response is only available on the "All Data" excel export, or by going into an individual competitor's registration.  However, the place I most need to see this info is on the Squadding page, when I'm reviewing squad sizes and trying to count people I think/know are ROs.  So I'm either pulling from memory or cross referencing against another list.  

What would be great is a way to see who is an RO while on the /Squadding page.  There's hover-text for division and class.  How about something for RO Status?  Italics/bold/red name, additional hover text, an asterisk, a "/RO" appended to their name, something. Maybe a view toggle for "Identify ROs" that highlights the ROs, if there's concern about the screen getting too cluttered.  

I imagine that this would require either 1) a question on registration to be marked as the "RO Question" or 2) PS implementing a new standard field for RO Status/Willingness.

Question I ask on my recurring local match registration:

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If shooters who are RO's do not make themselves known to be RO's on the registration page it quite possibly is because they want to concentrate on their shooting. ( I know I choose certain matches to Not RO so I can focus) My suggestion would be that if you are in a position to need RO's to email all shooters stating so and asking for help.  If we were to offer that option for MD's we would most likely also need to offer the option to the RO's to turn off their availability. Either way, if an eligible RO does not want to work a particular match you are in the same boat as you are currently.

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DJ, you and I are on the same page there.  This is the exact question I ask on my registration form for the recurring local match: "Are you a certified USPSA Range Officer willing to help RO the match?"

The second part is important, asking about their willingness.  Like you said, sometimes someone just doesn't want to act as an RO-- and that's OK.  This is also why my suggestion here isn't to just take their RO Status from NROI/USPSA, but rather to take it from some attribute about their match registration.

EDIT: I've added a screenshot of the registration question into my original post.

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