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Competitor is not working since the website update. My wife and I both have purchased copies for each of our phones and neither one is currently working. We shot a match Thursday night and it will not find that match nor will it find any other match.

I have tried both of our IDPA numbers and I have searched by our names and none of them show up (even though prior to website update we had no issues and could see all the matches we had competed in).

I have emailed support but not heard anything, so thought I would post here.
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The app is working fine. You can still switch between previously downloaded matches and view match results or sync with scoring devices over wifi.

There is a know issue with search web service that been changed to accommodate increased number of matches and search results, so search by competitor name or other personal info is not working, but you can search by match name (or part of it). It helps if MD puts name or code of the club into the match name.

I have to make update for the app. As soon as I can.
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Thank you! I look forward to the update, but this works til then.
LOL okay no problem I understand you're human. I'll ask our guy to add a code or something to our matches but I expect to get the look like I just grew a third arm right in front of his face. The problem is that half the clubs on the planet Are something something tactical shooters just like us so the search results tend to be 50 things that I didn't want and somewhere buried in the middle one thing that I did. I'm not complaining too loudly because I really do love the app and would continue to use it this way if that was the only choice but I will admit that I wouldn't be much much happier if you managed to find a way to get things like searching on your own USPSA number to find all of your matches back to working again. Thank you for your effort
It seems like search is case sensitive. I could not get my name to show, but then typed it in proper and it worked 100%
Thanks! I just checked that and see a checkbox has been added and you have to type it in exact, but it does search now by the number.
Which search is case sensitive or what "you have to type in exact"? The shooter search isn't case sensitive, unless I'm missing something. Could you guys email me details at [email protected]