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I've had a few matches that I've listed and they'll be open for a few days then I'll get complaints that people can't register and the match is closed. I log in and check the dashboard and sure enough, the status keeps changing back to closed a few days after it opens.

Is there a fix underway for this?
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2 Answers

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I haven't had this problem although if I'm logged in, I can always register for any of my own matches if I'm logged in. I have to open it in another browser or log out to check that the open/closed status is correct.

On the match setup page there is "Status" (Open/Closed) and then there are the registration opens and closes dates. I would check to make sure you have your dates correct. It's totally possible there is an actual problem with the software too.
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I've certified the open close dates for the match and it will still be closed.
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Anyone have any insight into this? It's still happening consistently after a match is pre-scheduled.

I had a match open up on 5/30, I went in today and it was showing as closed.
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