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I have a Nook Simple Touch on which I ran Root’n-Score-it to get PractiScore 1.3.14 installed. Everything went well and PractiScore app launches and I can pull down a match.

 The first issue I notice is when I am in scoring screen, I enter time, then tap checkbox in keypad and I expect keypad to disappear but it doesn’t. If I tap the return way up at the top of the screen the keypad slides down so that’s cool. But…while the time I entered is at the top of the screen and penalties are at the bottom, there is nothing in the top half of the screen. There is no place to score targets.

 What could be wrong?
asked by (230 points)

2 Answers

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The app version you are using is about 2 years old, that what's wrong.

You need to update PractiScore app on your Nook to the current version 1.5.10. See video howto at
answered by Practiscore Team member (12.7k points)
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Well, yes and no. Thanks for pointing out the old version and the video link. I did update my Nook but the problem persists. But when I saw the user's USPSA scoring screen in the video it dawned on me; I have no targets entered in the stage so no targets show in scoring. Duh.

So that begets the question; Do stages have to be built on the master device or can they be built on the website then pulled?
answered by (230 points)

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